Thursday, August 20, 2009

expanding my horizons one suburb at a time

I've lived in Sydney for more than 30 years but I've never set foot in most of its 637 suburbs. 
Yowie Bay? Blair Athol? Canoelands?

Time to dust off the street directory, grab my camera and venture out into the great unknown. 

My plan? To nose around one new suburb every week for a year, in search of the beauty in the 
'burb. (Beauty in this case meaning old, original, retro, rusty, repurposed, nostalgic etc).

Sometimes I'll be familiar with the place but mostly it'll be suburbs I've never set foot in. I'm open 

to suggestion too - if you know of a suburb that's crying out for attention, let me know and I'll 
add it to the list.

I'm excited - like I'm about to visit a new city excited. Which in a funny way I am.