Tuesday, December 21, 2010

a tale of two suburbs

So good to be here again! I've been trying to find the time to post but The Book sucked up all my
time and once it was done, left me a little dazed and confused - that's what five weeks of 16 hour
days does I guess.

But now that the book is done - it flies off to be printed this week - and I feel almost human
again, I find myself giddy with the prospect of blogging once more. Only question is, what to blog about?

I could tell you all about the book - the size, look and feel etc - but I thought I'd leave that as a

surprise for next May when it materialises on the book shelves.

I could tell you about the various ideas I have for my next project. But really, they're daydreams
at the moment and not entirely baked. Maybe in the new year one or two might be more solid.

So what I thought I'd share today is a mini-post about two suburbs, Fairfield and nearby Bonnyrigg. 
I took these shots when I was out there a few weeks ago taking some pics for a client. I didn't have
time to do my usual slow trawl but what I did try and capture is the contrast between the faded 
suburban side of Fairfield and the shiny 'just new' bits of nearby Bonnyrigg.

Fairfield has been designated as a growth area over the next few decades. Hence the 24 hour
T-Ways and futuristic looking bus shelters around the place. And the homes with names like Dover
and Newbury that are rising out of the mud at the rate of knots in Bonnyrigg. Their unblemished
blond brick and tidy gardens with super-sized sunflowers are in striking contrast to the faded
suburbia that is still hanging on in Fairfield - but for how much longer? Which is why I leapt out of
my car like a mad woman when I spied Marcus and Ben, two gentlemen from Iraq and Assyria,
quietly sipping their morning coffee in a corner 'cafe' that I bet my bottom dollar will not exist in
its current, charming, faded state for too many more moons... 

A tale of two suburbs:

the modern way

the old pub

at the cafe - Marcus and Ben

Bonnyrigg rises out of the mud


old and new


smoko :: 1

smoko :: 2



before and after

give a man a hammer


Bonnyrigg is blooming

beads and buses

2020 in 2010

for how much longer?

watch this space

I'm glad I finally saw Fairfield (I tried once before but ended up in Bonnyrigg - remember the
religious smorgasbord?). And I'm so glad Marcus and Ben just happened to be there when I drove
past. I don't know if they were as thrilled to see me - they did seem just a little bemused - but you
know, how often does a woman wielding a camera around enter a room with an atmosphere of secret
men's business and ask you for your picture? Novel if nothing else.

I suspect I won't post again until 2011 has dawned - so Merry Holidays and Happy New Year! 
I hope it brings you good health and all the happiness in the world.