Wednesday, November 23, 2011

52 Suburbs Around the World is imminent!

Apologies for the break in transmission. It has been full-on around here ever since a few weeks ago when
the Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for 52 Suburbs Around the World successfully reached its goal.
The funds played a vital role in getting the project over the line - which meant I was suddenly very 
busy doing all the stuff you have to do when you exit your life in one country and prepare to start new lives
in a number of other countries.

So first things first, my heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported the Kickstarter campaign, either by

making a pledge or just spreading the word. Many many thanks. I love yous all.

Next on the agenda is to let you know of a few changes to the itinerary of the project. We were all going

to be nosing around the suburbs of Shanghai and Tokyo first, until I discovered that Shanghai's icy
winter can be debilitating for wandering photographers (let alone the eight year old 'assistant'), 
and Tokyo, well, Tokyo is just a little too iffy for my liking in terms of the radiation factor (and my budget
doesn't extend to buying imported food when we're there). So, after much mind-swirling, I settled on the
following for the first three months of 2012: January, Hong Kong; February, New Delhi; March, Istanbul.

I know it's a little disappointing not to be going to Tokyo in particular (I've never been but hear it's amazing).

But I reckon the new choices are going to be pretty amazing too. And they're all cities that received a lot
of votes from followers of this blog when I put the question of where to visit some time ago - so I hope you

Then after March, it stays the same as it was: Paris, Berlin, Rome and ending in New York. All famous, 

over-photographed cities that I hope to be able to show another less famous side of - and in an imaginative
way, care of my diptych, double-image obsession.

Lastly, the new blog is moments away from being ready to show you - so hopefully next time I post, 

it will be on the new blog. Very exciting.

Well, that's all for now. I am knee-deep in lists and packing boxes, and Coco is busy ticking off the days on

the calendar - we leave Sydney on December 30, precisely 37 days away.

Before I go, can I just say that, of course, I'm totally stoked about this upcoming adventure. Thrilled at the 

same time as being a little sick in the guts with excitement and nerves.

Yet despite all this, Sydney has never seemed more appealing, with purple carpets everywhere, fair-minded
people strolling about and until these last few cold and rainy days, a particular type of blue sky and quality
of light that I adore, especially around the 'golden hour' of 7-8pm. As if I needed any more convincing 
after exploring the place for a year and finding so much to be proud of. But really, what a city. 

the purple carpets of Sydney

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the new cities by the way (and of course anything else you care to share). 
Good, bad, indifferent?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

NEWS! 52 Suburbs prints now part of Kickstarter rewards

The 52 Suburbs Around the World Kickstarter campaign is looking pretty hopeful - we're 78% of the way
to the goal! But there's only eight days to go - and if I don't reach my goal, I won't receive a single penny.

So I thought I'd do a quick post to let you know about some NEW rewards on Kickstarter - prints from
52 Suburbs rather than the new project. Unlike prints from the new project, these ones can be delivered
this month or latest, early December. Just in time for you know what.

Plus you can choose ANY image you like from the blog, book and exhibition. 

So, if the idea of a 52 Suburbs print and supporting the next project at the same time appeals to you,
head over here to Kickstarter and have a look at the new rewards - they're on the right-hand side,
at $165, $275 and $425.(Framing costs extra but I can point you in the right direction there too - the white
box frames like the ones in these photos are really good value, about a third of the cost of the print.)

Of course, any pledge, as little as $10, will help too.