Sunday, April 10, 2011

from Lakemba to Surry Hills

Yesterday was too good to stay chained to the computer. Perfect blue sky and two things of interest on the
calendar - an open day at the Lakemba Mosque and the Surry Hills Festival.

I also wanted to show my book to show some of the people in Lakemba that I photographed.
If I didn't physically take it there, I doubt they'd ever know they were in the book. I could only find one
family so I decided to show other random people the book anyway - and photograph them having a flick

Two worlds collide...

Part 1: Lakemba Mosque Open Day

Fairy floss and a jumping castle for the kids, tours of the mosque and all questions answered by
the "Ask Me" guides for the adults. Everyone was happy.

Harunur's hat


Islam opens its doors

ask me anything

the 'ask me' crew

little red riding hood

little red riding hood and her bro

Shahbaz, Koran cramming

Kadejat, from Ethiopia

Kadejat adjusts her sister's hijab

Shayma and Kadejat

Part 2: 52 Suburbs, the book, in Lakemba

I met Allen, Roba and their daughter Sabah 18 months ago when I took their photograph inside their
cake shop. They were delighted that their photo made it into the book - and could I please come back
and take some shots of their biscuits and cakes for their front window some time soon.

Allen and his family in print

Sabah, 18 months older

After leaving them I wandered down the main street and showed the book to random people. 

Lakemba literature :: 1

Lakemba literature :: 2

Lakemba literature :: 3

Lakemba literature :: 4

Lakemba literature :: 5

It would be great if the book made it into the local shops one day.

you never know

Part 3: Surry Hills Festival

From the land of veils to skimpy frocks and free flowing beer, Surry Hills. I can't give a fair account of the
festival as we arrived late and my daughter's patience was running out rapidly. Just time enough to snap
some people with the book before giving in to the tugging of my arm and retreating home.

Suburb No 17, Surry Hills :: 1

Suburb No 17, Surry Hills :: 2

Suburb No 17, Surry Hills :: 3

Suburb No 17, Surry Hills :: 4

Suburb No 17, Surry Hills :: 5

The book will be out in just three weeks time. So anyone who's pre-ordered should find it on their
doorstep pretty soon.

coming soon to a suburb near you

Back to processing images for the exhibition - made so much easier by the fact the clouds are starting to
roll in again and that perfect camera-friendly blue sky of yesterday is no more. Hope you enjoyed it 
while it lasted.


  1. I had been planning to go to the open day at Lakemba mosque yesterday - for both informational and photographic purposes, but events overtook me. Thanks for getting there and sharing a glimpse for those of us that didn't make it! Anita

  2. It's great to see some one put an actual human face to Muslims and the religion of Islam, where the pictures or stories are not associated with Terrorists and Criminals.

    Great job Louise if there were more people in the world like you world peace may actually seem achievable.

    My gratitude and heart felt best wishes hope you achieve every success you so richly deserve.

  3. Great post.

    Love all the pics with people holding the book- looking forward to my pre-order arriving soon.

    All the best with preparations for the exhibition next month.

  4. Wonderful!

    I love the gorgeous "little red riding hood" and her bro and the beautiful sisters, Shayma and Kadejat. I had a chuckle at the book on the back of the bike - awesome!

    It was great to see people holding and flicking through the book - it feels more tangible now. I can't wait to hold my own copy!

  5. Great words Charlie, well said.
    I've never been inside a mosque, not even a sneak peak through the front door, so thank you for taking me there Louise with your great photos.
    Looking forward to getting my copy of the book - wow, it's huge!

  6. Anita - Glad I could take you there in a virtual sense.

    Charlie - Thanks so much. It is true, if your only impression of people/culture/religion is gained from media headlines, it's hard to get an accurate picture. Better to follow blogs like this one!!

    Trent - Thank you, if I had the time I'd like to revisit every suburb and show them the book.

    Jodie - Those kids are beautiful aren't they?

    Alison - So glad you got to see inside a mosque. Like churches and temples they are fascinating and quite beautiful.


  7. thank you for showing what australia actually is.
    Instead of the mythical 1930's australia hanson just won a seat for and that can take us nowhere together.

  8. Louise has captured the essence of so many of our wonderful suburbs,Each a unique utopia of their own, I can't wait to get a copy of your book!A fresh and modern twist on classic silhouettes with exquisite attention to detail.I agree with charlie "Great job Louise if there were more people in the world like you world peace may actually seem achievable."

  9. Congratulations for the book!

  10. Wow, I knew you'd be there ( I took my kids & am probably in the background somewhere). I bet you were the one in the black cargo pants. I was going to ask but shyness overwhelmed me. It was an awesome day & your pics are just beautiful.

  11. J Bar - Thanking you.

    Katie - I wonder if P Hanson will buy my book?!

    Anon - Thanks so much.

    Fer de Argentina - Many thanks.

    Monica - I was wearing black pants it's true! Glad you enjoyed the day.

    Jennifer - Only 2.5 weeks to go...


  12. The book looks great - clever cover design. Can't wait to get my hands on the real thing. The books looks at home in Lakemba as it does in Surry Hills.

  13. the whole place attracts me to start thinking in Australia..thank you for sharing your creative photography :)

  14. Hmm.... will I ever find this book in London I wonder? Might have to get a friend to mail it to me...

  15. Hannah - I think so too!

    Sahar - My pleasure.

    Ellen - Lovely to hear you're still around :)

    Merethe - You can buy it online at or from the usual online sources (Book Depository, Amazon etc)