Thursday, March 31, 2011

Redfern revisited

In between exhibition preparation I'm spending some time in Redfern at the moment on a small photographic
job. Having visited it last March for 52 Suburbs I wasn't expecting any new surprises really. But it turns out
Redfern is continuing its bold march towards interestingness at quite a pace.

Take The White Rabbit Gallery for example. I had no idea this extraordinary place existed where one
family's contemporary Chinese art collection gets rotated every so often. Not a single Ming jar in sight
thankfully and entry is free.

Another surprise was that the middle bit of Redfern Street is evolving rapidly. My favourite treasure trove,

Seasonal Concepts, filled with everything from a stuffed giraffe to fresh flowers, has been there for a
while. But there's a vibrant new bar/restaurant, the Eathouse Diner, and judging by the feverish 
renovations taking place elsewhere along the street, at least two new surprises coming soon. 

And when I left Redfern yesterday afternoon, I walked past some people having a personal training session
in the park. Redfern Park - personal training. You've got to be joking me.

Some pics...

Part 1: On the walls of Redfern

what does it all mean? :: 1

what does it all mean? :: 2

golden girl


Part 2: Walking the streets

I suppose a chop is out of the question?

things could be worse

i don't do cages lady

relaxed Redfern

them some fancy shoes sister

Part 3: Treasure trove, Seasonal Concepts

in the light

pastels in the pantry


Part 4: There's a storm a comin, time to vamoosh

storm to the west, blue sky to the east

Hope you enjoyed a brief moment in Redfern, 2011 style. See you soonish.


  1. Louise, I hope you stopped and had tea at the White Rabbit Gallery: the little nibblies and the choice of teas are all so nicely done, too. Wonderful gallery - my favourite in Sydney.

  2. wow - love the dramatic lighting and shooting angles this time. What kind of lens are you using? 'Tins' has to be my fav in this post.

  3. Fabulous. Fabulous. Fabulous. Thank you so much for taking me to Redfern with you!
    Funny, blue sky's in the east, isn't it always the way! ; )
    Alison xx

  4. Great pix, but White Rabbit is in Chippendale.

  5. J Bar - Thanks.

    Jamie - Teas looked great but sadly nothing gluten-free to nibble. But who cares, the art is enough.

    Nat - I use a Canon L Series 16-35mm wide angle lens. The light in that shop with the tins was lovely.

    Alison - Glad you enjoyed it!

    Liam - Er, oops. You're right, White Rabbit is in Chippendale. I was so excited to find it I assumed it was Redfern. Close though!


  6. Great post! Love the neon signs and the adorable little poodle with her head on the side!

  7. another beautiful virtual walk. nice to be your virtual fellow traveler, Louise. you keep surprising:-)

  8. relaxed Redfern -Love! Thank You Louise

  9. Oh Louise :)

    can't get enough with those marvelous pictures.
    you better teach me photography :)


  10. A guided trip to Redfern, when you're not having a trip to Redfern, let alone Sydney, boohoo!
    Missing you and it.
    G -lee

  11. I lived at 100 Redfern Street 10 years ago and there wasn't much going on then - the saving grace was Big Boy Thai! Funny story... the people who owned the old drycleaner where Baffi and Mo now stands lived upstairs above the shop. They also owned the beautiful red brick house next door, which had been empty for 30+ years, full of pigeon droppings and rotting floor boards. They owned it and kept it empty because they didn't want lousy neighbours! It sold for about $485k at auction in 2000, which seemed like extortion at the time and a complete bargain now. Ahhh, Redfern.

  12. Nice shot!
    I just found out what you've been doing and the whole thing is so sydneysider-passion and inspiring, looking forward to meet the book!

  13. You always make simple things so beautiful...

  14. Congratulations Louise ! What a great collection of images... I watched the ABC show as well... really nice work. Brilliant move from copywriting to photography ... it's the art of Story telling I guess.
    Looking forward to catching up.

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