Thursday, March 17, 2011

green is good

Someone asked me the other day what I was up to. I explained that I was working on getting
the exhibition together, a few private commissions and tending to all the normal life stuff that I
ignored for the entire year I was doing 52 Suburbs (eg dentist, tax, daughter).

As we were talking it dawned on me that as necessary as the life stuff is and as exciting as the
upcoming book launch and exhibition are, I am really really missing being out there with my 

Unable to throw myself into a new project until mid May, I've decided to do a 'between projects'

project: to simply photograph random things that I happen upon wherever I may be. Radical
I know.

Today, for example, I met with a friend at Circular Quay to do two things I've been meaning to do

for ages: visit the pop-up uber-eco cafe, Greenhouse by Joost, and see the Annie Leibovitz exhibition
at the MCA. We'd arranged to meet at Greenhouse first and on my way there I passed by a lovely
old green pub that was even more green than usual; St Patrick's Day was in full swing. The time?
10am. With five minutes to go before I was to meet my friend, I took a couple of snaps.

Phil and Sionainne

nothing like a pint of Guiness and the morning paper

Wishing them well, I walked down to meet my friend at Greenhouse. It is a pretty amazing sight - 
everything made from recycled materials with lots of green sprouting from walls and roof. I only 
took a few shots as I didn't want to delay my friend. But it's well worth a visit before it disappears 
on the 27th March.

Happy St Patrick's Day

herbs on the harbour

jars of light

type and tat

Fed and watered but most of all inspired, we left to see the Annie Leibovitz exhibition. Another 
must-see and soon to close (April 26) happening.

So there you have it. My 'between projects' project - random stuff. I'll be back with more soon.


  1. Happy to hear about your 'between projects' project! I missed your photography!

  2. want to see more about your 'between projects'! :)

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  4. love the jars of light! Please keep on updating your blog!!

  5. Re Greenhouse ... I was really disappointed ... the greenery was dying and tatty ... the sewage was very smelly ... and the venue was blighted by Greenhouse itself. Sad really ...

  6. Anne - Thanks!

    kisses from Australia - nice name!

    Hot Pakistani Girls - great name!!

    Nat - I'll try :)

    Julie - Yer, it was a little stinky when we visited too. But the idea of it - building without consuming anything new and growing some of the produce on the premises - is such a great one.


  7. Whatever your project is always welcome. Congratulations!

  8. What a coincidence! I was in Sydney yesterday to see the Leibovitz exhibit and then on to lunch at Greenhouse. Both were great.

  9. Hi Louise
    Methinks you should do posts like this more often, there must be some gems from wherever you go, even to Woolies with your talent.
    Cannot wait for the book.
    Di x

  10. I've heard a rumour that the greenhouse is here to stay - they are looking for a venue.