Monday, March 21, 2011

rain and sun

Seems hardly right to complain about a bit of extra rain given the recent tragedies unfolding around the planet.
But I can't wait for the moment that the sun streams through the dark grey, creating the most wonderful of light. 
As seen some months ago on this blog - I think I posted one or two of these then but I've re-edited them since. 

I'll be back with new material just as soon as the rain stops pelting down.


  1. Oh Louise, you have given me a fix!!!
    Thanks, love em.


  2. I know..isn't it a pain?! And my car has sprung a leak. Awesome.

    Love that second shot. Very atmospheric.

  3. Glad I'm not the only one complaining about the rain. But this week has been sunny so far in London so we must've swapped weather! The 2nd b&w photo is perfect - really captures the mood of 'after the storm' when the sun finally breaks through all those dark clouds in the late afternoon - love it!

  4. i meant to say I love the way you've captured the reflection of sunlight in the wet ground.

  5. Finally we have some sun here in Munich and something that is starting to resemble spring! I love these rainy day shots Louise. Love, love, love the last one. Thanks for sharing them with us. Alison x

  6. Di - Very happy to be of service!

    Cathy - Car leak, no good. My car is covered in layers of mud, chewed up bat food and other miscellaneous matter sent from the heavens. But it goes and that's what I love about the poor old thing.

    Anne - Thank you.

    Nat - London, sunny?! Glad you like Sydney in the wet.

    Alison - Sun in Munich too. What's going on up there?!

    Louise x

  7. If you all blow at the same time in a westerly direction, do you think the rain would make it to Perth and the south west? Lovely pics as always

  8. Gorgeous thank you!

    And lovely to hear from you again!


  9. Always a treat to hear from you Louise. Can't wait til u are back out there with your camera for us.

  10. A blogger at last.
    Louise I love how you see things in a way most of us just wouldn't notice. Your pictures show us a whole new perspective on life.
    Particularly love the close up man in bus stop.
    Keep them coming honey.

  11. rain rain the rain i hate is those hot humid muggy rainy days a day like today and yesterday where was raining and cold i dont mind easier to snuggle up into something warm and enjoy the sound of the rain although it isnt doing much for our poor nature strip here in coogee its deaded and now probly muddy our driveways runndying washing away and well its jsut WET

  12. Got to agree with you Ellen, cold rain is the nicest kind. Havent dropped in on your blog for a while Louise as I realised you'd finished the suburbs...thought Id opo over and find out when the book was out. I think suburb surfing has become a new sport. I've lived in Kogarah for three years and kept trying to pop down to Oatley and take a look, I got lost twice (sad I know) and had to get tired kids back home but yesterday finally made it down there. It wasnt on your list of 52. Of you get a chance there's be some fantastic photo opportunities. Lots of green space, a village clock and a lovely village atmosphere. Looking forward to your future projects...

  13. I know this sounds silly but it's true. Rain on a metal roof or rain on a regular shingled roof are different sounds, but they are equally as calming. I really enjoy the sound of rain on a metal roof myself.sound of waterfalls

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