Thursday, June 9, 2011

Art Nation shoot

I've been nose to the computer fleshing out Project No 2 for the past few weeks - all will be revealed soon.
But as exciting as it is to be dreaming up the next project, it is making my head swirl a great deal. 

Which is why it was so delightful to be whisked away today by ABC TV's Art Nation for a walk down
52 Suburbs memory Lane - a return to the suburbs of Bonnyrigg and Cabramatta. The piece will air next
Sunday June 19 but in the meantime I thought I'd share with you a few pics I took while waiting for
Fenella Kernebone and her trusty crew, Peter and Grant, to set up the shots.

To the Mingyue Lay Buddhist Temple in Bonnyrigg first. Not even 37 bronze buddhas or the heady smell

of incense could disguise the fact that today was cold. Cold enough to find a patch of sun and plant
oneself firmly in it.

sun worshipper

Then to Bonnyrigg's Cambodian Buddhist Temple just around the corner. When I last visited I was surprised
by how plain the main temple's interior was. Not so anymore. Since August last year a Cambodian artist
has been busy whipping up an incredibly colourful mural telling the story of Buddha. 

behind the camera - Peter

the Bodhi tree, inside and out

behind the camera - Fenella

even the flags are colourful

Then finally to Cabramatta. To eat food and then film it.

see food everywhere

The piece will air next Sunday, June 19, on Art Nation, ABC1 at 5pm. Back soonish with news of Project No 2.


  1. Congratulations! I will try to catch it.

  2. love that the colours in the blue swimmer crab shot :-)

  3. Your book is wonderful! Have to be careful with the cutout cover tho!
    Thanks Louise, I'm looking forward to watching the program.

  4. I saw your exhibition its was awesome!, i love how you select photos that compliment each other so aesthetically, brilliant work looking forward to more.

  5. Very nice...
    Regards from France,


  6. YAY!!
    About time your work was shown on Art nation.
    I can't wait !!!

  7. vegeyum - Thanks - and remember, it's not this coming Sunday but the one following!

    Simon - Agree. Should be renamed the purple and orange swimmer crab.

    Sylvia - Thanks so much. And yes, the front cover is a little delicate.

    Matt - So glad you enjoyed it, thank you!

    Pierre - Merci!!

    Anon - That's lovely, thank you. It was fun so hopefully it should make for fun viewing.


  8. Excellent news ... shall look forward to catching this show Louise... cant wait to see your book either!

  9. I just love the murals in the Buddhist temple -- so amazing!

  10. A copy of the book has been flung as far as Munich, Germany, and I'm very very impressed. A simple idea brilliantly executed, thanks. I grew up in Cabramatta West and went to school at St Johns Park and Bonnyrigg, and would not have thought you could find beauty there - well done!
    A couple of moans: The book's cover is a nice idea badly produced it'll look tatty after a couple of reads.
    And printed in China - shame, couldn't they have given work to some Aussies? I'd pay more for the book.

  11. Sophie - Hope you can catch it.

    Suzanne - They really pack a punch being so vividly colourful.

    Anthony - Glad you like the book. And yes, the cover is a great idea but a little fragile. If the book goes into re-print it'll be changed I'm sure. As for printing in China, while I agree with you in principal (who wouldn't) the practical reality is this book would've ended up being so expensive it would've been out of many people's price range. So a compromise I guess.


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  13. Louise, it was such a pleasure to attend your talk today and thank you so much for signing my book!

    All the best for the future, I can't wait to follow your pojects.

    x Vanessa

  14. Ellen - These things take time!

    Peter - Quite possibly the longest comment ever - and yet not really a comment. Curious and curiouser.

    Vanessa - So glad you could make it and enjoyed it.


  15. i stumbled upon this completely by accident. amazing! i love the way you make something more than the whole with the diptych idea. gorgeous. and inspired!

    i've put together a couple of photo blogs of shots of Fremantle and northern NSW from my phone (iProwler and iFreo), but i feel completely over-awed (and further inspired) after seeing your work.

    congratulations, just beautiful stunning work.

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