Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sydney Writer's Festival

Last week, I spoke at the Sydney Writer's Festival 'in conversation' with Robbie Buck.

They didn't record it on video but most of the audio was recorded.

So for those who missed out on the launch at the Museum of Sydney or SWF, I decided
to grab the audio and line it up with the relevant images I was discussing. A slide-show
with voices if you like.

Sadly the introductory bit is missing so we start about 10 minutes into the hour long talk.

I chose a handful of images to talk about - when the video begins we're up to Suburb
No 9, Blacktown.

It's about 42 minutes long but you can always fast-forward - I was pretty chatty that
day so you won't miss too much.

(Or, if you're in the city this evening, I'm yabbering on in the flesh from 6pm at
Dymocks, 424 George St, CBD.)

Sydney Writer's Festival from Louise Hawson on Vimeo.


  1. thanks for posting this, louise! i've been missing all my favourite bits of sydney since moving to melbourne in january. would have loved to see your exhibition.

  2. Thanks Louise! Please continue to let us know when you're popping up at bookshops and speaking events around the place - I'm hoping that sometime I'll make it to Sydney to catch the "live" version of you!

  3. Love your photos & text Louise - still waiting for Leichhardt to be included!

  4. Louise, I just wanted to say thankyou. You are such a talented woman and your blog has been a wonderful source of insipration for me. Actually, you inspired me to start a blog of my own! Thanks again xxxx Amelia

  5. i see the abc has a link to it on their dsite i thought thats my lovely blog firend love her xxx big hugs

  6. ragingyoghurt - thanks and hope you can make it back to Sydney to have a peek.

    Jodie - Sure, will do. Check the left-hand side up the top for upcoming talks etc.

    Anon - Thanks and sorry I missed your suburb.

    Ameila - That's lovely praise and I'm thrilled to have inspired you to start your own blog!

    Ellen - Lovely to see your pic pop up! I was hoping you could have made it to the exhibition launch. Next time (I'm hopeful!) maybe.

    Louise x