Monday, May 23, 2011

immortality of a sort

A brief intermission in all things 52 Suburbs - you! Well, maybe. I'll let the pictures do the talking...

It's a between projects kind of thing. As well as a keeping oneself and child in wild red skirts kind of thing. 
So if you're keen to freeze time and immortalise yourself or your family, in any suburb of your choosing, 
email away.

Back to normal 52 Suburbs transmission soon.


  1. I would want to wear that red skirt every day if it was mine! She looks so cute. I think it would be ace to have a family shoot by you in my fave sydney suburb. I hope you get lot's of people who want you to capture them and in the beauty of their favourite suburban settings :-)

  2. I'm sure you'll get loads of bookings! Lovely kiddie shots...very pretty and creative.

    Do you think we get too old to wear such pretty skirts (I want one!)

  3. Simply gorgeous shots - will be in touch!

  4. Lovely! If I book you can my wolf be in it too? Actually she's a labrador :)

  5. Great idea Louise. And how blessed you must feel to do something you love everyday that also pays the mundane bills. Your daughter should be proud of her awesome mum.

  6. id like to wear a skirt like that too, it would take up a lot of space on the bus if we were all wearing them lol

  7. Adorable, well done Louise

    i'm glad i had the chance to comment before you reply back at our comments :)

  8. agrippinamaior - Thank you. I'm secretly hoping someone wants me to photograph them against one of my favourite suburban backdrops - a besser brick wall!

    Cathy - You're never too old to wear a red swirly skirt. Never!

    Nick - Thanks!

    Pierre - Merci!

    Simon - :)

    Charley - Absolutely. All Lupus's are welcome!

    Anon - Thanks so much and you know what, if my daughter ends up half as proud as I was/am of my mum, I'll have lived a successful life.

    Anon - Bugger the space, wear the skirt!!

    Sahar - Just in time! Glad you like.

    Louise x

  9. I love your work Louise; and to make your passion work, is a fabulous thing to be able to do.

    I grew up in Malabar (between Maroubra and La Perouse, both of which you have covered); but sadly I now live in Melbourne. If I still lived in Sydney, I would pay anything to have you do a family photo shoot for me; and I know some great bessar brick walls - In my old high school, which we affectionately called "Long Bay Goal Annex"

    Thnaks for all your pics (and book)