Thursday, May 5, 2011

My mum

Next week I'll be giving a little talk at the Museum of Sydney at the opening of the exhibition and
book launch. I'm dreaming it up as we speak, wondering how best to do it. When I come to the bit where
I thank people, I would like to be able to thank someone who no longer resides on the earth but
remains just as alive in my heart and mind as ever - my mum.

The problem is, it's hard to talk through tears. And tears are what inevitably flow when I talk about
my mum. I absolutely adored Maureen Anne Hawson and miss her unbelievably. She was one of those
people who managed to be thoroughly decent and kind at the same time as being incredibly
engaging and left of centre. 

So I thought I'd thank her here and now, in case I lose it completely on the day and spend my time
searching for a hankie instead of actually speaking.

Forgive me for being so sentimental but I hear there's a good internet connection up to the heavens and
I'd really like her to read this...

Mum - thanks.

Not just for being a kick-ass carer of your family.

But for inspiring in me a curiosity about what's around a corner.

I hope you like the book. 

(And I know you didn't really believe in it, but Happy Mother's Day.)


  1. Aaawwww, I'm crying at work now ...

    That's so beautiful!

  2. Great post and a lovely way to say thanks.

    I actually got your book for my mum for mothers day :)

  3. Oh Louisa...she was a gorgeous lady. I remember her well, with much affection.
    And you my dear. So happy for you and proud that you have found your way.
    Have the book here in AKL. Fab!!!
    LL. GG

  4. what a beautiful way to say thank you to someone so special.... i loved the way you showed my home suburb... good luck with the launch.. you deserve it...

  5. she is a stunner Louise. we are back in bali at until the end of june. recently in woolie, our library was flooded by the guy upstairs so with the insurance claim comes the chance to buy the books i really want - as well as replacing my old favs. so looking forward to putting in an order for 52. with love nicole

  6. Jodie - That's lovely.

    Trent - I hope she loves it. What a wonderful son!

    Gaylee - So glad you've got the book!

    Lynette - Thanks so much.

    Nicole - I just looked up Green School. Sounds amazing. And good to hear there's a sliver lining to your flood dramas.

    Louise x

  7. Just beautiful...I'd like to think that both our Mothers have befriended one another in heaven and will toasting you on giving such a great talk ; ) Good luck lovely x

  8. That's beautiful... and so was she! Good luck on the launch!

  9. Louise, your post has brought tears to my eyes. Your mum looks beautiful and sounds wonderful. I hope the day goes well for you.

  10. and happy mother's day to mothers gone
    and never forgotten.
    celebrated beautifully here
    and every day by US!

  11. Aw that is so lovely. My Mum passed away two years ago and the lead up to Mother's Day (and major life events like your big one next week) is always a bit tough. I can completely relate to your Mum being "just as alive in my heart and mind as ever" and I'm sure she'll be right there with you for the launch.

    Best of luck with it - your blog is truly beautiful x

  12. oh little schnook
    very heartfelt
    she is and will be there in spirit
    she was a beautiful woman
    as are you my dear
    with a tear in my eye
    and a lump in my throat

  13. That's beautiful Lou. The little blonde photo has a real April look about her.


  14. lovely book - and beautiful post

  15. She was the very best Lou. So kind, hilarious, cool and glamourous a unique and beautiful beautiful woman xx

  16. Fer de ArgentinaMay 6, 2011 at 1:06 AM

    This is the most sweet and beautiful post. Very emotional and deep feels.

  17. definitely bought a tear to the eye, and we thank her for inspiring you Sueyx

  18. Anna - I like that idea a lot. Just think of all the great people they could hang out with up there.

    Anne - Thank you!

    Nat - You know it's so touching that people have been moved by this post. I didn't really expect it but it's just lovely. Until you lose your mum you just don't know what a hole it leaves.

    Anon - agreed!

    Anon - I have this sense that my mum is always around. I hope you and others who've lost their mum do to.

    Schnook - Thanks darling. I'm so glad my friends knew her. It would be far worse if not.

    Adam - That's so true! And hey, I just realised you are dotcom promotions!! Der.

    Tall - Thanks Canberra girl!

    Anon - She was pretty funny wasn't she?! And all the rest that you say. She was just the best.

    Fer - Thanks so much.

    Suey - That's lovely, thanks gorgeous.

    Louise x

  19. i bet she loves the book all mums r great or maybe nto all but all the ones i know r LOVE MY MUMMYS XXX

  20. Mums are a pretty special species. She made you what you are.
    Coming down from Lake Macquarie for your talk on saturday. Only a 270km round trip! So if there is going to be tears I best pack some tissues in with my kit!!

  21. When you were speaking at your book launch today, you were so real and true. When you spoke about how photos just fell into place for you sometimes, I wondered if your mum was pulling strings and communicating with you. It's so great that you managed to live your dream, just glad you didn't have to eat too many baked beans to get there. You don't seem like a baked beans kind of person to me!
    You may not have had tears in your eyes when you spoke of your mum today, but I did. X
    It was lovely to meet you and fun to take photos of you and Coco!

  22. Ellen - I agree, all the mums I know rock.

    Naomi - Hope you enjoyed the talk and thanks so much for making the trek!

    Frances - It was so much fun to meet you too after all this time. I did a good job of not balling when I talked about my mum but I love that it brought tears to your eyes. Hope you can stick around for the next adventure!

    Louise x

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