Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Introducing Project # 2

Well hello, long time no post. I've spent the last month doing a few final 52 Suburbs talks and various
other things but where I've spent most of my energy is in my head - thinking upon the Next Project.

I could do this, I could do that. No, this, that. And so on and so on. Where have I ended up? Where I
began really, all those months ago when I was asked what my next project would be. 

So without further ado, meet our next adventure - 52 Suburbs Around the World. Yep. Having talked
down the whole overseas travel thing in favour of exploring one's own city I am now hell bent on
leaping off around the planet. Why? Because having discovered just how rewarding it is to experience
the 'real' side of a city, I'm now extremely keen to do the same thing in other major cities. 

Basically I've realised I'm a crap tourist - I just don't get a lot out of following the tourist trail and
just seeing all the famous bits. 52 Suburbs was all about ignoring the icons and interacting with 'real'
Sydney. What would that experience be like in other cities I wonder?

For example, I don't get Paris. Been twice and just don't know what all the fuss is about. Mon dieu
indeed. But I reckon if I went beyond the Eiffel Tower and the waiter who serves me my croissant,
and explored the suburbs, I'd have a much more interesting time. 

I hope you agree. Because as much as I want to do this, it's really important to me that you also want
you to do this. I can't even imagine doing it without you. A virtual private jet filled with everyone who 
followed 52 Suburbs, picking up new passengers as we wend our way around the globe -
that's how I imagine this.

So here's the plan. We (you, me and Coco, my now eight year old) will visit 12 iconic cities over the

space of a year - we'll stay in each city for approx one month, visiting one suburb each week. 
12 x 4 = 48, so a few cities will have a few extra suburbs.

The format will be the same as 52 Suburbs - a weekly post with images, the majority of which will

be diptychs (two images married together). There will also be video from time to time.

Since it's a new project, there will be a new blog site. Unless instructed otherwise I'll migrate all 
subscribers over there automatically when the time comes.

The big question is, which 12 cities do we visit and explore suburbs in? I'd love to know what you

think. Some ideas below, from my day spent wandering around asking random people what they'd 
like to see.

And lastly, where's the moola coming from to do all this? Details to come in the next post...


Ruby - Tokyo

Andrew - Berlin

Emily - Istanbul

Jane - London

Noa - Rome

Lilian - New York

Yva - London

Jo - New York

Chantal - Istanbul, Zalika - Mexico city, Ben - Buenos Aires

Hayley - Buenos Aires

Andrew - Berlin, Alexia - Buenos Aires, Claire - Paris

Aracelli - Egypt

Elijah - Tokyo


  1. oh the trouble will be narrowing it down to just 12. My votes would be for: London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, St Petersburg, Budapest and Berlin

  2. Ooh, difficult! I think somewhere in Spain would be great (maybe Granada? Seville?) and Istanbul. I reckon it would be good to visit unusual cities, rather than sticking to the "typical" ones e.g. London, New York.

  3. A southern US state would be great fun, as would somewhere like Glasgow or Dublin. Further out of our comfort zone, Hanoi or New Dehli would be amazing.
    What a great opportunity for you both!

  4. London suburbs are fascinating and so are New York's. But I also suggest Berlin, Chicago, Edinburgh, Dublin, Toronto and Auckland.

  5. New project sounds fantastic. Would love to see a mix of famous and not so famous cities and a good spread across all the continents...

    Beunos Aires
    San Francisco

  6. This sounds like a brilliant adventure and I think you should definitely visit Havana, London, New York, Paris, somewhere in South America, Lisbon. Hope you have an amazing time.

  7. Having once spent 6 weeks in Paris, I would totally recommend your new project. Can I come too ?
    1 day in a big city (forget it), 5 days in a big city (just worth it), 1 month - excellent idea ...
    A few suggestions ... Paris, Istanbul, Isfahan, Kyoto, Bangkok, Shanghai, Belfast, Naples or Marseilles, Havana, Las Vegas, Oporto, Alaska somewhere (that cooky tv show showed some potential) Vladivostok (can't go past a good name) Vancouver(haven't been there, but I'd love to know why its so popular)

  8. oh louise I dont envy you having to make such difficult would be a must or failing that I really dont think you could go wrong with anywhere in daughter was 8 when we went and LOVED it.... have fun choosing :)

  9. Louise that is *so* exciting! I absolutely and wholeheartedly support you in your new adventure, and I'll be waiting and watching (and migrating to the new blog with you :-).

    Cities: BUENOS AIRES DEFINITELY (and the porteƱos), so many interesting pockets in this city. Mexico City for sure too, so creative and alive. And for it's multi-layered personality and crumbling art deco heart & soul, Kolkata (India).

  10. WOW so many choices, I would choose Amsterdam, Brussels, Manchester, Dublin, Stockholm, Venice, Rome or Florence, Vienna, Geneva, Montreal or Toronto, Mexico City, Chicago or San Fransisco
    Dubai, Istanbul, Madrid, Goa, wherever life takes you enjoy the ride I can only dream, but I will take great pleasure going along by updates on your blog.

  11. How fantastic! I'm so jealous. I suggest you visit eastern Europe as well. Prague, Transylvania (Brasov), Sofia is a fascinating cosmopolitan city with many intriguing suburbs. And don't forget Italy. Can't wait to hear more.

  12. What a fabulous idea! Exciting for us, but more so for you. And so hard to choose... can't wait to watch.

    PS I reckon New Orleans post-Katrina would provide some gems...

  13. I spent 6 months in the US, 3 months in the south - from N'Awlins to Nashville both fantastic, and post Katrina, New Orleans would get my vote as it has not yet recovered as popular belief would have you think and such a friendly city, It's like a country all on it's own - nothing like the rest of the US! Also 3 months in Boston and NY - Boston has some fabulous hidden suburbs and big surprises and every season is very different! I was in China in the late 80's and spent time somewhere way out in the middle which was not as Modernised as Beijing or Shanghai, so maybe somewhere not as large as those two...

    Oh yes, can I come too!

  14. Love the idea! Explore Canada a bit - Vancouver or Montreal! :)

  15. Lets get away from London, New York, Paris to some different places. In no particular order:

    La Paz
    Luang Prabang
    Cape Town

    Some I've visited, some I haven't, but all I want to.

  16. Bloody amazing project.

    I think someone in Israel would be amazing. Show that the suburbs are not just what you see in the news.

    Small side streets of Jerusalem, hawker stalls and the bazar markets would be amazing.

  17. wow! wherever you go, i'll be following. very jealous! and we both have daughters called coco!

  18. I second (third? fourth?) the idea of visiting cities less traveled. Though with Coco in tow, there's likely some wonderful places a tad too hot to handle. Speaking of hot, I'd for sure be taking climate into account, and following spring and fall around the planet.

    You're a clever girl, Flouise, my friend.

  19. Fabulous! Initially I though 'huh London again' but given the way you are approaching it you could come up with plenty of serendipity. Same would apply to Paris.
    Suggest Manchester in North of England - the big city surrounded by very interesting suburbs and countryside.

    Also second Berlin, Edinburgh, and a Spanish City.
    Can't wait!

  20. I think

    Buenos Aires
    San Francisco,
    New Zealand,
    St Petersburg

  21. Louise,

    These are all big smokes ... boring. How about Vaduz in Lichtenstein, Vientiane, Lhasa or Ljubjlana ? Now we're cookin'. Capital cities less traveeled.

  22. Excited. Much. Can't wait to see the results! Can you take me to Copenhagen please? Alison x

  23. Some big smokes and some small would be nice - so hard to choose! here's a few ideas:
    New York (a must I think)
    Addis Ababa
    Wonderful project - have fun!

  24. Forget Paris.... Get thee to the south of France and do towns....Why do they have to be suburbs. You won't regret it!!!!!

  25. Louisa.....brilliant!
    Let me plan your round world trip.
    Of course Auckland to begin with.
    Chicago (NYC I know you've been to)
    Marakech (hold Coco's hand)
    Dar es Salaam (animals for Coco)
    Across to the south for tropical spice.
    Would love to chat.

  26. Me?

    1. Buenos Aires - I spent a month shooting there and never got sick of it!
    2. Naples
    3. New York
    4. Kyoto
    5. Phnom Penh
    6. Melbourne
    7. Cairo
    8. Stockholm
    9. Manchester
    10. Berlin
    11. Paris - sorry! I adore photographing that city :-)
    12. Shanghai

    Big cities ... I know ... but they're places i either adore ... or am dying to visit :-)

  27. Perhaps a mix of the big and small...I've too many to suggest ten but for my top four I'd say:

    San Sebastian
    New Orleans (A MUST!)
    Hong Kong


  28. Singapore! Many diverse and interesting neighbourhoods all within a small island.

  29. Berlin
    San Francisco
    There are prob heaps of others. What an exciting new project.

  30. Dont forget those small Baltic cities Riga, Vilnius and Tallinn. Tiny pockets of history and wonderful sights. They're not as popular as Berlin or Copenhagen but they deserve it!

  31. Wow! Cannot wait to hear and see more about this project!

    As to cities, I would love to see Barcelona, St Petersburg, Paris, Beijing, somewhere in India, and lots more.... through your lens.

  32. What a delightful idea! My one and only suggestion for a city is Cairo :D All the best and can't wait to see the snaps!

  33. Great idea. I vote boston as one of your visits

  34. Very nice post...
    Great !
    I love it !
    Regards from France,


  35. Dear all - Wow! Thanks so much for all these suggestions. One thing about the 'less travelled' cities - I guess the premise for this project is to explore the unfamous side (ie suburbs) of famous cities. So if we go somewhere that's fairly unfamous to begin with, it might be tricky. Then again, I do like to break my own rules!


  36. What an amazing adventure for you both. I cannot wait to come along on this adventure with you.
    My first city that I thought of was Johannesburg but others have suggested great places too!
    I dont envy your decision but I know where ever you go your camera will capture the inner beauty!

  37. From what I can gather, you are all about the underside of the glitz and glamour of the tourist spots. For instance your Sydney post. So you would probably have to go to the usual Tourist Towns and then unearth that little something else that is not on the Contiki tour...
    New York
    New Delhi

    You probably don't have to get too clever and tricky with choosing cities. I think the obvious choices would actually be... the most obvious.

    Thanks for your work. It's been great following your journey and will look forward to seeing some more hidden gems.

  38. OMGoodness.... what an amazing opportunity Louise. You are so going to LOVE this experience :)
    Here's my choice:

    . Rio de Janeiro
    . Delhi
    . Jakarta
    . Granada (Spain)
    . Bergen
    . San Francisco
    . CapeTown
    . Kathmandu
    . Singapore
    . Mexico City
    . Montreal
    . Amsterdam

    :):):) Have Fun Louise !


  39. What a great adventure. What about more South East Asia? My sister lives in Ho Chi Minh city, its an amazing place full of tiny shops and life all squeezed in next to each other. You would love it.
    Otherwise the wish list would be Italy, Spain, US, Africa, Cuba... hmm, tough decision!!

  40. Louise! I am so excited for you! I can't wait to share your journey to find beauty across the globe!!! I'll be here every step of the way!

    I'b be really interested in seeing the culture of Berlin. It has such an iconic history, I think that it would be really interesting to see what it is like now.

    xx Vanessa

  41. What an exciting project, can’t wait for you to get started!
    I know London and New York are obvious but I think they’re rich in interesting suburbs. In London places like Battersea and Clapham have such contrasting areas, and are also very different to Chelsea across the river.
    I agree with you and other comments; don’t get Paris. I’ve worked there over the years and certainly don’t get the ‘romance’. For me one of the most romantic cities in Europe is Amsterdam, also unique with the canals, bridges and on-the-water action. The most beautiful and historic city has got to be Rome; I’d love to know more about Rome’s suburbs.
    Elsewhere in the world...Bangkok, I love it but many people hate it, it’s another city of contrasts (tourist vs local) and hidden gems. I agree with other comment re. Scotland, I’ve always been amazed by the light in Edinburgh. Thinking of light has reminded me of Santiago de Chile, another city I loved whilst on our travels and wish I’d got to know better.
    You really do have some difficult decisions to make, good luck! Look forward to following the project.

  42. Would love to see you let loose on Gaudi architecture, so Barcelona. While in Europe also Granada, Prague. There have been a lot of votes for Mexico City and I would have to agree. I would love to see more of our closer Asian neighbours in there - Kota Kinabalu in Borneo, would love to try and see behind the sterile facade of Singapore and what about Jakarta. Then I add votes for Lhasa, Kathmandu, New Delhi, a few places in Africa and Russia. Very exciting project!

  43. Dear all. Loving all this. But I probably should've made it more clear that before we can head off on this amazing journey, I need to raise funds - hence my last sentence on the post, 'where's the moola coming from - details to come in the next post'. I will explain more in the next post but I just needed to tell you asap - I'd hate to lead you astray and disappoint you that it's not all arranged and ready to go pronto. I'm so determined to do this and confident it will happen - but the fact is, funds need to be raised. More later this week.

    Louise x

  44. So fabulous - what a great project! Some cities I'd love to see you cover: Calcutta, New York, Wellington (New Zealand), Mexico City, Tokyo or another city in Japan, Shanghai, Moscow, Johannesburg.

    And - keen to hear what supporters can do to help you raise the funds.

  45. Sounds great, I am already suffering withdrawal symptoms due to no regular input from my favourite blog, so hope it doesn't take too long for your to get our/your feet off the ground.

    I would like to suggest Jakarta.

  46. Havana would be a great experience for a photographer... and as a Russian, I vote for St.Petersburg!:-) this city surprises no matter how many times you've been there...Great plan, Louise! Good luck to you & Coco

  47. My votes go toward Chicago (Oak Park where Frank Lloyd Wright lived and worked would be amazing), Dubrovnik, St Petersburg, Wellington, Oaxaca and Phomn Penh.

  48. Have a look at this site created by a foreign aid worker for inspiration.

  49. I see others have suggested Istanbul - I can only agree with them a visit to Sultanamet spice markets, fish boats and the Blue Mosque.
    I also suggest (although not a suburb of Istanbul) a visit to Goreme with a balloon flight over the Capadocia region.

  50. Passing through Singapore, check out the Tiong Bahru heritage estate - beautiful art deco and great food!

  51. Oh, Oaxaca, too!

    (Here's info on Tiong Bahru:

  52. why not go for one on each continent?

    Cape town or Cairo

    Tokyo or Beijing or shanghai

    Vancouver + USA city (miami?)

    BA and Rio

    Western Europe- Paris and Prague or Berlin

  53. There's no contest - the suburbs of New Delhi of course.

  54. um ...

    13. Kuala Lumpur

    can we have 13 months please?

  55. THis is brilliant Louise... congrats...everything about it sounds delightful ...
    will stay tuned.
    I found Istanbul fascinating years ago... glad to see it feature frequently!
    Damascus has haunted my mind for some years... perhaps not now!
    Beirut... have seen wonderful things from there.
    African cities ...Mmm not sure where to suggest!
    curious abut a lot of places actually!
    Cant wait to see what unfolds!

  56. Louise, that is so wonderful!! Can't wait to follow you on your journey! I'm just about to embark on a USA adventure with my family ... a long awaited dream of mine to see New York particularly! So I'd love to see your take on New York through your camera lens! Take care and have lots and lots of fun xo

  57. Map on the in the hand...spin can't go wrong as the world is an amazing place and your eye for the quirky will always reveal a new layer!
    So lucky for such a wonderful adventure...I am looking forward to my swivel chair travel :-)

  58. It all sounds fabulous to me!! Can't wait to read the posts :)

  59. Hi Louise
    I would say New York, Prague, Budapest, Moscow, Tomsk (Siberia), and smaller cities which are not necessarily capitals, such as Newcastle (UK) etc. You've had an incredible response to this post - how amazing! Can't wait for the new blog to start!

  60. London.
    Then anywhere you choose is likely to be excellent.

  61. Oh how funny, I hadnt dropped by for a while and just as I did you'd annoucned the new project. Yay! How about some cities that are technically cities but really just small country towns (to mix in with the big guns?) The cathedral city of Truro, Cornwall, gets my vote! x Bon Voyage!

  62. I know it isn't "famous" but Lisbon is an amazing city, so beautiful and historic, and the nicest part are the people a great mixture of Portuguese and Africans (from Portugal's old colonies). I hope you make it there.

  63. wow i actualy went to america for the charge43 conf n hp land also did disney in california and looked at vagus i say if you go to vagus u gotta see the circus de soleil and since all the hotels there have pokies id like to know if the chrurches and the hosptial does to coz everysingel shop had a poker machine LOL but other suggestions are la or santiago gorgous or chicago alot of my charge firends live there other cities id to see you do london or any town in england mum says theres gorgous chruses there paris venice aukland christchurch after the earthquake tokyo after the earethquake oh if you did that ud have to do new oelans after that hurricane LOL a middle eastern city anywhere follow the tour de francce and its gorgous scenery botswana the home of the number one ladies dective agency series and of course paris LOL

  64. oh n also do a city in canada maybe prince edward island of the anne of green gables books

  65. I can't urge you strongly enough to include New Orleans on your world tour, it's the most incredible city I have ever visited and is amazingly diverse from one suburb to the next, although I haven't been back since Katrina, I'm sure that holds even truer now. Also I highly reccomend my hometown of glorious, glorious Edinburgh, I may be a tiny bit biased on that score though. I hope that you and your daughter have a wonderful journey, I wish my daughter could have such an amazing opportunity :)

  66. i followed a trail here from Sophie Munns
    and i'm very glad i did
    i have a list of favourite cities that i revisit time after time
    San Francisco
    New Orleans
    New York

    and then there's a long list of places i've yet to go
    all the space in between

  67. for fashion lovers:
    love your blog!
    please follow and comment! :)
    thanks! xx

  68. Ohhh... If you come to Buenos Aires, you will have a great time here! :D

  69. Hanoi
    Vilnius (Belarus)
    Riga (Latvia)

    Have a wonderful time, where ever the wind may carry you. Will you daughter join you in your adventures?
    Best wishes

  70. Dear all - just reading all your amazing suggestions is making me so itchy-footed! they're really great so thank you.

    Fer de Argentina - I think we HAVE to explore Buenos Aires!

    Brigitta - Absolutely! I wouldn't dream of doing this without her.

    Now you do all know right that is all contingent on me raising the funds. But I know it will happen somehow.

    Louise x

  71. Such a great idea, I will for sure follow you travels around the world. My suggestions would be Bangkok, Tokyo, Istanbul, Rome, Capetown, Bueons Aires, Delhi, LA, Vancouver, Melbourne, Beijing and Stockholm!
    Good luck for raising the funds!!

  72. A few suggestions:

    San Fransisco
    Turku, Porvoo or Naantali in Finland
    Prague (The Paris of eastern Europe)
    Florence or Rome
    Carcassonne in France
    Hong Kong
    Saint Petersburg
    Anywhere in Nepal

  73. Here is my 2bobs worth

    New Delhi
    St Petersburg
    Cape Town
    Mexico City
    Buenos Aries

    Look forward to seeing the project