Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kickstarting 52 Suburbs Around the World

Four days ago I blogged about my next project, 52 Suburbs Around the World - as if it was a done deal, I realise
now. So apologies if you assumed it's full steam ahead. My mistake. I'm just so excited about the project
I think I got a little ahead of myself.

So let me rewind a little. The good news is, it's a project that I reckon will be amazing, to do and to

follow. As evidenced by all the great responses - thank you all so much for your fantastic suggestions.

The less than great news is, before the project can take off, it needs funding. Hence my reference
to the moola bit at the end of the last post. I said I would explain where the cash is coming from to 
make 52 Suburbs Around the World a reality - so let me explain.

I'm hoping to raise the necessary funds by a couple of methods. The first one is from corporates

- so yes, that would mean some advertising on the blog page. I would limit the sponsors to ensure they
were in keeping with travel, photography, design, that sort of thing.

The second way I'm hoping to
make 52 Suburbs Around the World a reality is through something
called Crowd Funding. It is as it sounds - a crowd that funds. There are various platforms to do this - 
I've chosen one called Kickstarter.

I'm madly putting together a Kickstarter page that I can direct people to but it takes some time and I

didn't want to wait any longer before I let you know exactly what's happening. But here's an excerpt from
the page that should help to explain:

"Before we can all fasten our seatbelts onboard the virtual 52 Suburbs Around the World private jet,

there’s just one thing. Moola. Cashola. The folding stuff. I self-funded 52 Suburbs by being frugal for a
year and increasing my mortgage. This time around I can’t do it on my own - my piggy bank is officially
empty and this is a much more ambitious, expensive project.

So I’m asking for your help. Unless I can drum up sufficient funds, 52 Suburbs Around the World will

remain stranded on the tarmac."

So yes, Crowd Funding is basically a sophisticated form of donating to help get projects like mine off 
the ground. But unlike passing the hat around, with Crowd Funding you receive various 'rewards' 
depending on how much you give. They range from a simple acknowledgement to prints and various
other things. And of course everyone would be rewarded with another year long virtual adventure 
with a weekly burst of new to brighten up their day.

Look, to be honest, I'd much rather be able to wave a magic wand and whisk us all away without 

having to ask for help. But the reality is this project won't happen without help.

I am so sorry if my former post led you to believe it was imminent and all organised. As I said I'm so

excited - and strangely confident - that I just sort of glossed over that one tiny enormous fact.

Once my Kickstarter page is up and running I'll give you the details. In the meantime, if you're curious,

you can check out how it all works here.

Of course I'm loving - not - the fact that I'm about to launch a fund-raising campaign just as GFC II is

about to rear its very ugly head. But you know, if it does, I guess there'll be an even greater need for
escape from the everyday via a project like this one. Here's hoping anyway!


  1. Good luck with your new project Louise. From Miss Lolas in Melbourne

  2. a perfect idea. i just hope that all the people who loved 52 suburbs will support your new adventure. count me in, it wont be much but i'll give what i can. btw, you are in good company. curt smith, of 80s tears for fears fame is considering using kickstart to get the next TFF album done.

  3. Miss Lolas - Thank you - and Coco says hi! We wish you the best of luck with your new project!!

    3rd daughter - Thanks so much. Every little bit will send us that much further around the globe.


  4. You bet Louise...I'll contribute what I can. Good luck with reaching your goal.

  5. Anything to help! Being a virtual tourist can be as much fun as actually being one - one without the bags!

  6. Good luck with it all and count me in for a little help/ donation/ seed funding...

    Worth every penny.

  7. I was wondering how you were going to fund the project - I was thinking, wow, book sales must be going really well!!

    I think this is a great idea! Totally count me in!


  8. hey, what a great way to be the part of your trip!;-) count me in, Louise! checked Kickstarter - really good system with lots of interesting projects to fund. but we'll focus on one for the start:-) best of luck!

  9. iheartcamera - Thank you!

    Lucky Llama - Love that attitude - travel is amazing but it can also be stressful, exhausting etc - this way it'll be as easy as pressing a button!

    Trent - Thank you kind sir!

    Jodie - Yes, I will point out in the next post that you don't get rich with a book!! Unless you're Dan Brown et al. Thanks for your enthusiasm, really appreciate it.

    Tatyana T - That's lovely, thanks so much.

    Will be posting soon with the Kickstarter info.

    Thanks all,

    Louise x

  10. you capture such beautiful images, I imagine a line of corporates wanting to have a slice of those. but if not here's to your virtual community support! x

  11. Good luck with the new project! Hope you can come to Buenos Aires soon ;)

  12. Dear Louise.

    I just recently visited your exhibition at the museum in Sydey.My favourite one was an old queen. Your photos are ingenius!


  13. I followed 52 Suburbs since the day I heard you on FBI, Louise. I would love to see your new project realised. You're a brilliant artist and I would gladly contribute something towards sending you on your way. Just post the link.

  14. PS Just bought your book online, been meaning to for ages. Really looking forward to it : )

  15. Suey - Thanks so much. And here's hoping to that line of corporates!!

    Fer de Argentina - Me too!

    Joel - I love 'old queen' too. I only hope he does too!

    Mr Noodles - Wow, you've been following a long time then - I remember how nervous I was about that FBI interview, my very first. Seems like a long long time ago now. Thanks so much for your amazing comments - and the support. I'll be posting something about crowd funding soonish.

    Louise x

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