Friday, September 2, 2011

playing tourist

I'm still head down working on getting 52 Suburbs Around the World up. Before I launch into crowd
funding, I'm seeing how many sponsors I can woo to help us make our way around the globe. 
And I have some news on that front which I am just a little thrilled about - will let you know next week.

In the meantime I thought I'd share a little of what else I've been up to recently. A few weeks ago
SHFA (Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority) gave me a pretty fun brief: to wander around the Rocks
and Darling Harbour for a few days and take pics in my usual diptych/double-image way.

It was almost surreal. Having hung out in the burbs for so long, here I was in the heart of Sydney's tourist 
centre, snapping away alongside visitors from all over the planet. But of course, unlike them, 
I wasn't interested in taking glamour shots of the Opera House or bridge or harbour. While they were
focused on the big icons, I was shooting their shoes or their ears or whatever. Or sidling up to a piece
of sandstone or door and shooting that.

However, I did enter fully into the tourist spirit when I visited the Chinese Garden at Darling 

Harbour. Having never been I was almost giddy with delight when I discovered you can dress up
in full Chinese princess garb and wander around the lovely lake there. Luckily Coco was in the mood
to play dress-up and away we went, happy as any tourist could hope to be.

I can't show you the images SHFA have chosen but here's a handful of extras...

ready, aim, fire


hey handsome

a happy marriage

frozen in time

London Eye-ish

playing princess

true love


I ♡ you too 

I'll be back with a progress report on 52 Suburbs Around the World early next week.


  1. Wonderful! The seagull/crane juxtaposition is inspired!

  2. I love the stockings on pic 2. And Coco you look adorable :) NIk x

  3. Fab pics Louise! Looking forward to seeing your SHFA work.

  4. Wow, as always I love your juxtapositions and your humour :) I must say, that I really love walking around the Rocks like a tourist and taking token happy snaps. I think you've really succeeded in showing such a well-visited location in a refreshing perspective.

    Can't wait to hear your news about 52 Suburbs around the world!!!

    Vanessa :D

  5. Lovely photos as per usual! I just wanted to do you get complete strangers to be willing to pose for your photos?

  6. encyclopediabotanica - Thanks! Is that you Brent?!

    Elizabeth - Thank you.

    Nik - The girl in those great stockings was visiting from somewhere in Eastern Europe I think. When I explained my 52 Suburbs project and the diptych, double-image style of photography I do, she said, "wow, it's like fantasy". I like that.

    W. - Thanking you.

    Vanessa - So glad you think I managed to present the places with some freshness. Job done!

    Lil - Do you know, that's probably the question I get asked the most. It's kind of a long answer so please email me if you'd like the essay version! But one good trick is to think to yourself, what's worse, the pain of missing out on a great shot or a millisecond of discomfort as you cross that invisible divide between yourself and another person? The pain of missing the shot is always worse - so I just launch in and do it! In a friendly, light, non-threatening kind of way!


  7. çok güzel!

    you have a talented hand and marvelous camera :)
    may I ask what kind of camera you own?


  8. Sahar - Thanks so much! My camera is a Canon 5D MkII.


  9. Thanks so much Louise for inspiring photography and creativity. I love how you theme pictures together ... and your work seems to really appreciate and value the diversity of humanity, and weave in nature and man-made structures to express the very same thing.

    Please keep snapping and creating, and all the best for future endeavours!!


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  11. Fantastic images! I just found your blog and fell in love with your work right away. You now have a fan in Finland although I wish my location was much closer. Like somewhere in Australia. :) By the way, witch lense/lenses do you use?

  12. Your Photos is really great, Your so artistic!

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  13. Sherry - That's a lovely comment, thank you.

    Annu - I use one lens most of the time - a Canon 16-35mm L series lens. Love it.

    Aysha - thanks