Thursday, September 8, 2011

Progress report on 52 Suburbs ATW

Christmas lights

So, my exciting news that I hinted at last week? We have not one but two confirmed sponsors! It matters
not that we need 10 more such sponsors to make this project fly. It was just so thrilling to have two jump
on board. 

Quick explanation on how the sponsor side of things is going to work. Because we are exploring the
suburbs of 12 cities, I am offering companies the opportunity to sponsor a city for a month - hence the
12 sponsors reference. Their brand ad will appear for one month in a rotating "ad tile" on the blog.

With two confirmed sponsors on board, we are 2/12 or 1/6th of the way to our goal. Yipee! But that still
means we need 10 more sponsors. If you know anyone in the travel/photography/design/communication
business that you think might like to be a sponsor for a very reasonable price, please email me - 

too hot to eat turkey

As I said last week, I am seeing how this goes before I launch into crowd funding. Will keep you posted.

Oh, and these extremely premature Christmas images? They're my take on the traditional Chrissy card

for Momento's new online shop. Momento is a wonderful self-publishing facility who make beautiful photobooks
and cards amongst other things. And they're one of my two sponsors! They were the first one and when
they told me they were 'in' I squealed like a small child. Because not only are they helping to make this
dream a reality, Libby, Geoff and David who run the place are also incredibly nice people - I couldn't ask
for more. So welcome Momento!

If the images seem familiar that's because they're from 52 Suburbs but in new partnerships for the yuletide season. 
Click here to check them out as well as a handful of my favourite diptychs now available as greeting cards
for any occasion. Just type '52 Suburbs' in the Search box there and all will be revealed.

Christmas tree

Most popular city suggestions
Last thing to update you on: I painstakingly tallied up all the cities that everyone put forward for the 12 cities
we should explore. Out of about 180 suggestions, these are the cities that scored 5 or more votes each:

• Berlin (scored highest)
• London, New York, Paris, Tokyo (all equal second)
• Then Rome, New Delhi, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Istanbul, San Francisco, Chicago, Edinburgh, Vancouver,
Mexico City, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Montreal, St Petersburg, Hanoi and Singapore.

A short-list of 21 to be cut down to 12. Easy.

Interestingly they are all the bigger, more famous cities that garnered the most votes. And before anyone
starts saying, but they're boring, you know I don't do boring - my aim will be to show sides of these 'famous'
cities that you've never seen before. Just as I did with Sydney, only x 12.

Back soon with more.


  1. What about Zagreb, Croatia. It's beautiful, full of history & cheaper to traverse than the bigger cities you have listed.

  2. WOW! Louise, I'm so excited for you with two sponsors, I'm sure many more will be willing to join your exciting project :)

    And I can't wait to see your new take on some well-known cities! Look forward to your fresh eyes.


  3.'ve had incredibly good luck so far Louise...I'm not saying you're not talented you most definitely are but this project is a huge leap....Christ, Berlin and any part of Europe you care to choose could do with a boost....what about Istanbul, Constantinople or Samarkand.....always want to get there.........

  4. Get on board sponsors..........I can't wait for my virtual holiday!

  5. Great to see the venture starting to come together. The project would be incomplete without a true African city. If you're going for the bigger, more famous ones, you must consider Cape Town which is claimed by many to be THE most beautiful city in the world. For something a bit different Durban offers an interesting mix of Africa and Asia with much natural beauty too.

  6. Fantastic! I can see my virtual travel fix in the distance (I should say 'close distance')

    I defiantly second Cape Town, and also add Cuba to the suggestion box. I've always wanted to go there and the sooner the better!

  7. Great news! I'd also put in a plug for LA. You want juxtapositions, we got 'em up the whazoola.

  8. The big cities seem too obvious, I'd rather see how people live in a city I dont think Ive heard of. The beauty of concentrating on "suburbia" is the ethos that you dont have to live in a cool, famous city to have an interesting way of life. I'd rather see Zagreb than New York or London any day

  9. Louise

    Sydney has a special connection and relationship with Chicago according to research done by the Globalization and World Cities (GaWC) Research Network at Loughborough University in UK.

    Atlas of Hinterworlds

    Good luck with this exciting new project.

  10. Monica - Croatia sounds pretty amazing. But I guess the premise for this project is to explore the 'unfamous' side of famous cities, with the aim of showing a side of that city that people aren't familiar with.

    Vanessa - Many thanks!

    David - Luck - and a bucket load of sweat, blood and tears! This sponsorship thing is tough - mentally more than anything. Totally committed to raising it but it ain't easy, especially in this economic climate. I think sheer doggedness is just as important as any talent.

    Bexley - Exactly! This project will be a community service for crying out loud!

    Anon - Hmm, Cape Town does sound amazing.

    Sarah g - And Cube too... Fact is, there are too many amazing places to visit on this planet. Nice problem to have though.

    Fistrel - Ah yes, LA! Only if you keep me in cakes (gluten-free) while we're there x

    Christopher - Agree but that's kind of a different idea. But as I always say, I do like to break my own rules.

    Paul - I just had a look at that website. Unsure if I have sufficient grey matter to comprehend the study but looks intriguing. I'll take another look at it when I've not had a sleep interrupted by endless bird calls from 3am onwards (don't birds sleep?)

    Thanks all for the support, as always. Keeps me pushing forward.

    Louise x

  11. Oh I wish you so much good luck, you are bringing the burbworlds together Louise.

  12. wowww if u do chicago ill come i know many charge fams in that area we can go visit them ay that would be cool oh one of my charge mummys is a photo lady her self love my il charge fams LOL watch out il im a coming ya way through the site of 52 subuerbs LOL

  13. Lynn - Many thanks.

    Ellen - Chicago does sound pretty interesting, especially the pockets of modern architecture. You never know.

    Anon - Madrid or Barcelona, that is the question.


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