Friday, October 7, 2011

Kickstarter has started! Help make 52 Suburbs ATW a reality!

In the words of Steve Jobs: "Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid
the trap of thinking you have something to lose."

And so I begin my Kickstarter fund raising campaign for 52 Suburbs Around the World. Nothing
to lose, maybe lots to gain.

The video above is the one I made for my Kickstarter page. If you're interested in helping to make
52 Suburbs Around the World a reality, please head over and check it out. If you're not familiar
with the concept of crowd funding, it's basically a way to raise funds for creative projects by asking
supporters to give some moola in exchange for various rewards.

A note about the cities I've ended up choosing. You know how I was going to visit 12 cities? Well, 
having given it some serious thought, I've reduced the number of cities to between 4-6. Why?
Because that way we can spend 2-3 months in each city and really get a feel for the place, exploring
8-12 suburbs in each. A month might just have been rushing it. Plus I'm keen to try and get as many
locals in these cities to interact on the blog and the longer we're there, the more chance there is
of that happening.

When it comes down to it, the rewards you'll see are hopefully pleasing, but in my mind, the
reason to give will ultimately be, if you enjoyed my first project, 52 Suburbs, and want to help
make this second project happen so that you can enjoy another year of weekly installments of
virtual travel.

Anyway, I don't want to say too much - all the details are on my Kickstarter page

I have butterflies just posting this. But, nothing to lose.


  1. I have pledged. Hope you get the rest of the funds.

  2. How exciting!

    Can I ask one thing: How did you manage to set up a Kickstarter account? I thought it was limited to US citizens...

  3. Jess - Many thanks!

    Matt - Thanks. Re-Kickstarter, long story, email me for info.


  4. do chicago then i can come in ur suitcase that charge mummy there is having a hard time and i need a suitcase LOL to hitchike in LOLLLOLLLOL

  5. Ellen - I'd love to go to Chicago actually - all that great modernist architecture. Maybe we could do a short stint there. And yes, come in our suitcase!

    Louise x

  6. Louise, fantastic idea! I'm off to pledge now, can't pledge much but will do what I can, so exciting to be helping you out and be part of it!! I'm spreading the word! alison x

  7. Jumped over after reading about this on Floating World Views {Suzy`s blog}- how exciting! I had not heard of the project before and am off to look through some more of your site.

    I can`t help fund right now but am based in Chiba {prefecture next to Tokyo and where the airport is} so might be able to offer some accom if we are in our new house by then {April} or can help with any translation issues if you have any. Feel free to email me at cherryblossomadventures {at}

    Best of luck and hopefully I can pledge in the future.

  8. Oh & I found a bit in my paypal account to contribute. Not much but happy I could help in someway. Hope you reach your target! Good luck! Also tweeted and posted to fb.

  9. Thanks Lulu! Translation might be just the thing I'll need. I'll email you soon. (And thanks so much for raiding your paypal account - every little bit counts.)


  10. Great to see another suburb covered.