Monday, November 9, 2009

52 Suburbs prints for sale - soon...

Some of you have been asking if I was going to make any of the 52 Suburbs images available 
for purchase. Well, I can think of no better place for these images to end up than on the walls 
of those who appreciate this project and the beauty in everyday suburbia.

So very soon I'll be opening the
52 Suburbs Corner Shop, via Etsy, 
an online shopping facility.

But can I ask a favour? I'm trying to decide which images to put up in the shop. If you're one of 

those who might like to purchase, could you please let me know which ones you're keen on. Or 

even if you don't plan on purchasing it would be a great help to know what you find appealing. 
Please leave a comment below or email me at Thanks!

Okay, I'll be posting as usual at the end of the week - suburb No 11. See you then. 


  1. I think it would be great if you can print two photos as one print (as you've done on the website). As for favourite photos - that's really hard - they're all good in different ways. Possibly those from either the Auburn, or Castlecrag sets?

  2. great and hurrah! i have to go through and look again..

  3. It is too hard - I like these ones below, but I love them all. Its hard to separate them from their set though - hence the fingers crossed re book eventuating!
    true colours
    southerly buster
    sunbursts (Johnson House 1)
    Skipping Girls 3
    rich in spiritual life

  4. The images are beautiful, well seen and meticulously composed. But I have one complaint.

    The chaos is missing. Especially in places like Cabramatta and Auburn, the crazy swirling and mingling of different nationalities on the street - but I guess you're not tht kind of photographer.

    And if I may be allowed a plug, anyone contemplating a visit to any of these out of the way suburbs should take with them a copy of The Foodies Guide to Sydney 2010 by myself and Helen Greenwood

    John Newton

  5. Dear Kate and brownhairblueribbon
    Thanks for the feedback about the choice of images, much appreciated.

  6. love blooms and chop chop from potts point

  7. I agree - you're not THAT kind of photographer. The kind that resorts to cliches about chaotic, unknowable ethnic people. I really enjoy your blog because despite going to places that you have never been to, it has never once felt like you are on safari gawking at the natives. You obviously have a great deal of respect for the people that you meet and photograph. It's quite a different approach to turning up in other people's communities expecting an exotic sideshow for your entertainment.

    As with everyone else, my list of favourites is too long! I love the Castlecrag set too. Also:
    rust and lace
    bright spirit
    old rattler
    on their last legs
    vertical life

    Have you thought of making calendars as well as prints? In two weeks you'll have enough for a suburb per month. Or perhaps 12 photos from the same suburb?

  8. peachy from castlecrag and pencils and books from Auburn too :-)

  9. Dear R. and dagnabbit
    R, thanks for those comments - I'm glad the respect comes through. And to you and dagnabbit, thanks for trawling through the archives - I know it's time consuming so I really appreciate the effort.

  10. R
    Forgot to say I like your idea of calenders, I'll look into it thank you.

  11. It's so hard to choose!
    But these are my favorites:

    bright spirit
    the color purple
    sun worshippers
    surf's up and many other patterned ones

  12. Hello. I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Love your photos! Have a happy new year.

  13. just arrived via your great article in new matilda. what a fabulous project, and an absolutely lovely blog. nice one!

    the photo store is a terrific idea but you so, so, so have to find a publisher to make a book out of this. what a gorgeous publication this project would already make - and still only in its teens! by the time it has racked up a half-century it will be an absolute ripper.

  14. Hi Louise
    Love your blog and the beautiful and interesting photos. What a great idea.
    I spent 5 years living in Auburn until the middle of last year, as one of the few aussies it was certainly an experience. The food would list as the high point of my stay there and my husband loved the mosque when he had the chance to have a look inside.

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