Thursday, February 10, 2011

so I went for a walk

A quick post to share with you what I did this morning. Or rather what I saw.

I went for a walk from Clovelly down to Bronte. My new thing to give my body a break from sitting
behind a computer for a large part of the day (digital photography requires a ridiculous amount
of sitting behind computers).

I was heading back home, around the coastline, when I felt myself wishing I had my camera with me.
Realised I had a camera of sorts on me - my iPhone. So I decided to try out two iPhone camera
apps - Hipstamatic and ShakeItPhoto. On plant life, the Italian, Greek and Croation men at the bowlo,
and Harper, a human being who's been on the planet for just 12 weeks.

Hipstamatic took the orange toned shots, ShakeItPhoto, the green ones. They're both fun but 
ShakeItPhoto has one very cool feature - it 'develops' like a Polaroid does, gradually coming to life 
and making the same mechanical sound.

Anyway, just wanted to share that with you. Back to very serious 52 Suburbs exhibition preparations.


  1. ''Shake it, Shake it like a polaroid picture, Shake it, Shake it...'' Hey ya

    Thank god for iphones! Great photos, love those baby toes...oh so cute.

    Love your take on planet life. So glade you're back in blog land : )


  2. Check out Instragram too - great app

  3. J Bar - Thank you!

    Alison - Thanks so much - and yes, Harper's baby toes are very sweet aren't they? I love his young/old face too!

    Brian - Instagram looks pretty nifty I have to say, will give it a go soon.


  4. Wow Louise. Love these shots. They have a really simple, classic feel to them. Especially love thos old bowlers (what characters) and the divine purple flower. Pruxxx