Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I forgot to mention

When reading the post on Ingleside below, imagine your ears ringing with the sound of cicadas
(the loudest insect in the known universe). Not like in 'regular' Sydney suburbs where you're aware 
of the sound - this is DEAFENING.

Anyway, just thought it might help transport you there all the more. (I'm actually thinking of adding

a new element to the blog - small grabs of video and sound to provide a more complete sensory
experience. Like?)


  1. Hi Louise, Yes I would like the addition of audio. I know what you mean with the cicadas out there though. I love reading your blog. I've only been in Sydney 7 years and am getting to know the place and can find my way around but your indepth research into the unknown side of suburbs is fascinating. You forgot to mention that Ingleside is the home of Doggie Rescue. It's website is getting daily hits from us as we decide whether to get another dog or not seeing our 10 year old had to be put down before Christmas. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Hi Jennifer
    Thank you. I remember reading there were a couple of animal shelters there but completely forgot to seek them out. Sorry to hear about your 10 year old pooch. Good luck with your maybe-new one!

  3. Love.
    Tried to record kookaburras to put on one of my blogs (didn't quite work out!)

  4. modfrugal, Luke and freefalling - Good - glad you like the idea - now if I can just work out which button to push...

  5. Hi Louise. I just discovered your blog and magnificent photos via sopihe munn. My jaw is still hanging from such beauty!
    As for the cicadas, their sound is very subtle here. I was in Virginia, USA, last summer and the species there is so much louder! I couldn't believe my ears.