Thursday, January 7, 2010

something for you to read during a break in transmission

My camera has been sitting idle in the last few days - as I have due to a pesky lurgie of some 
description. So my suburb post - meant to be tomorrow - will be late I'm afraid.

In the meantime you might like to have a quick squizz at
this article I wrote for New Matilda. 

It provides some background to this project - how it came about etc.

I hope to post later this weekend or at the latest early next week - see you then.


  1. Get better soon! I love your blog :o) Nic xx

  2. Hi Louise, I have only just discovered your blog stumbling upon it while looking for images of Harris Park - a suburb I know very scant things about - and am absolutely enthralled by your photography. Also love the pairings you create, which just amplify the overall impact. Anyway, I will stop raving now. Get better soon! -M

  3. Thanks yardage girl and Mia - am feeling human again - always nice.
    Will be posting the next suburb tomorrow or Monday.

  4. just stumbled onto your blog, its great. I had a similar thought about living in Sydney and so as Im unable to afford to travel overseas very often decided to travel around my own city by living in different suburbs.

  5. Hi Louise, I came to the page from your piece in New Matilda - it is a fantastic idea, beautifully delivered.
    I'm inpired, Thankyou, Steve.

  6. I have a great affection for Sydney, and am planning a visit soon; your photos are inspiring me to wander through areas I haven't visited before.