Monday, February 1, 2010

a video preview of suburb No 21: Brighton Le Sands

What do you do when you're struggling to find the time to get your normal post out the door?
Spend hours learning how to use iMovie, making your first ever 52 Suburbs video! I thought I'll just
go and have a little look and before I knew it, whoosh, hours had disappeared. 

Anyway, the video 'postcard' of suburb No 21 is short and very kiddy-like (using one of iMovie's
templates) but at least it's ready for perusal - which is more than I can say for the normal post. 
It will be along tonight/tomorrow morning I promise!

(By the way, if you've subscribed for email updates and haven't received any, it's because it ain't 
working for some reason. If anybody has had similar problems I'd love to hear. I hope to solve 
the mystery ASAP.)


  1. this is great! it does suck a lot of time doesn't it? but a lovely sneak peek.

  2. Great enhancement

  3. far out brussel sprout and Tim
    thank you guys- it's a little clunky but kind of works!

  4. I love the video postcard. And what a fab song to go with it!

  5. You were stil able to find the essance of Brighton le Sands, like the video. look forward to more