Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Suburb No 37: Sydney CBD

The city? Yes, I know. But apparently it is a suburb.

Because I'm city-based for another photographic project I've just started, I decided to make Sydney's
CBD my suburb of the week. It meant I could finally explore on foot all those amazing buildings
that I've driven past so many times, rushing to work or whatever. Having missed out last year, I was
also keen to see Sydney sandstone (and that white building on the water) bathed in wild colour
courtesy of Macquarie Visions and Vivid.

By the way, in case you're not acquainted with the life and times of Lachlan and Elizabeth Macquarie
and are wondering what all the fuss is about, an explanation in 20 words or less: Arriving in 1810, they
basically built Sydney, were into the arts and gave poor old buggers like convict Francis Greenway
a second chance. 

Let's mosie.

Part 1: Sydney, in fairytale, magical colour

who were they in Lachlan Macquarie's times I wonder

vivid pink


purple lines 

an icon on a beanie

Part 2: On the street

department of cool

eyelashes made for the stage

peace man


in the financial district 



and falling off your heels


from Japan 

pearls, come rain or shine


a break from work

neck frills

off to High Tea


x marks the spot

it's a jungle out there

Part 3: It sure ain't Spring but there are flowers in Sydney town

The rain is making all the flowers grow...

black and white

sweet skeleton

wild red


flower beads

Part 4: From behind the wheel

If you live in Sydney you'll know that it's Rain Time. Officially. It just keeps coming down. On one
visit to the city I was like, if I get out, all my shots will have big fat splotches of rain on them. 
So I may as well drive around and take shots from behind my wet, foggy windscreen.

waiting in the rain

QVB in the rain

walking in the rain

The Astor in the rain

easy for you to smile

Museum of Sydney in the rain

Of course I could have just made a beeline for Customs House where you can walk all over Sydney
without having to dodge the raindrops.

walking all over Sydney

Part 5: Adding colour to the grey

I couldn't drive around forever. So I decided to brave the wet - with my brand new technicolour

she had the same one 

what grey?

hair like Heidi

is he Superman?

Town Hall turns purple

purple light

you can never have too many technicolour umbrellas 

Part 6: Wedding

I wandered into the Hilton Hotel to continue adding colour to the grey when I noticed a whole swathe
of colour was already there - four bridesmaids dressed in purple and a bride wearing something
straight out of a Siberian storybook. They were there just to take photos, in between the ceremony
and the reception, and kindly let me tail behind for a while.

a purple wedding

halo of feathers


and they're off again

Part 7: Bex

Driving past Hyde Park, I just had to stop - a woman by the name of Bex, off to a Femme leather do. 

an education indeed

a colourful way to walk


hello sailor

femmes love their leather

strong lines

Part 7: Ending on a bright note

I have faith that the sun will shine once more. In fact, it sneaked through the grey briefly the
other day.

there is light at the end of the rain


And then this young man and his tattoo - 'love conquers all' - that's a ray of sunshine right there.

amor indeed

Beauty in Sydney's CBD? Loads of it. If they could just do something about that Monorail track ...

See you next week.


  1. You just made my day with that post! I love Sydney in the rain. And I love the CBD!

  2. I miss my home town :-(

  3. Beautiful bride!

  4. Tuesday mornings are always amazing with a new 52 Suburbs blog post.

    I had a feeling you might do the CBD with all of the light shows. Well done considering the weather.

  5. Being able to bring out beauty and humour in such weather and such a "typically dull" city is no easy task. Your work reminds me of certain minimalist and Imagist poets who also sought to reveal another side of the everyday.

    Our city is full of technicolour.

  6. Geez Louise, you've done it again!!!
    Faves: Vivid pink
    Femme Leather......as you do.......

    Oh and clever work with the 'neck frills', I love how you do that.
    Cant wait for next week now.
    Di x

  7. your sydney is so charming and ungrubby! i'll keep a look out for it when i head in there this evening. ;)

  8. I love the stained glass and leg tattoos

  9. I just crawled out of bed, made a cup of tea, there is an oboe concerto on the radio, and you just brought back hundreds of memories for me. There couldnt be a better start to the day.
    Thank you Louise.

  10. I love the shots and your juxtapositions. Fabulous! (and Femmes do love their leather) xxx

  11. Brilliant post!!

    Love the colour, love the rain splotches, love the tattoos and hair clips, LOVE the bridesmaids, love the leather, love the umbrellas ...

    Love it all!

  12. This is why I love Sydney! Louise you work is magic!

  13. A lovely post. We were in the city on Saturday and there was something nice about the rainy weather. It wasn't heavy enough to dampen our mood. Love the Vivid pics too.

  14. i wandered the city for years going in and out of those buildings when i worked and the city is a kaleidoscope of secrets. You captured them beautifully. I keep saying thanks Louise but i really mean it, you open up Sydney like no one else

  15. Yes indeed...a truly beautiful city...even on a gloomy day...
    always a pleasure Louise...

  16. Hello and thank you to all you gorgeous people! So happy you have enjoyed your tour around Sydney town - with splashes of colour brightening up the splashes of rain. It's so much more fun with you all for company.

    Louise x

  17. Brilliant as always :) So glad I found your blog! Keep up the awesome work! :)

  18. I love how you've captured the city and the people - fantastic shots!

  19. I kind of like what happened when you shot in the rain, something about the blurred bits added this great movement to the photos. Anything with a rainbow umbrella is good. Great tour again Louise.

  20. Just discovered your blog and this project! Fantastic idea + gorgeous pics! Need to work my way through the backlog now...

  21. What amazing photos as always! Love the colour and vibrancy which you caught superbly despite the rain. Are you ever going to come to Balmoral?

  22. Would have liked to see some more of the burb side to Sydney. Where the old housing in Lower Fort Street etc is. Perhaps that falls under the suburb of The Rocks?

  23. Beautiful!!
    I love the blurry shots in the rain - can't believe you managed to make them look so great.

    I was in Burwood for the first time last weekend and had a great time walking around looking at the houses - there are some absolutely gorgeous places around there. Can you please add Burwood to your list? I'd love to see what you make of it :)

  24. At my return from Sydney I discovered your post and once more I'm in awe. Louise, you have such an eye !

  25. I love these beautiful visual connections you make!!

  26. I live here and love it!
    but i'll be venturing out with the camera next time.
    thanks for the inspiration, for your art and your passion.

  27. i loveeeeeeee your work.
    making me stay up the night because of it :)

  28. Your work is super amazing :)

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